The State of Things

First the Covid, then, in no particular order, oil and gas price hikes, a war which threatens to escalate to WWIII, a government who really doesn’t give a single shit about you and I, an illiterate moron of a president, misogyny in the police force, murder and institutional racism in the police force, paedophiles, the far right and Brexit where I am, and the storming of the Capitol building, George Floyd, Russian Oligarchs bankrolling up our ruling party and propping up Londongrad by washing its money here, Nasty, nasty immigration policies and little or no compassion for the desperate people drowning and arriving exhausted on our beaches. “Send them Back” Twitter trending yesterday with the hash tag, send her back referring to Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, for apparently being “ungrateful” for criticising 5 foreign secretaries who failed to bring her home in 6 years, no wonder she’s cross, but beautifully composed and unwilling to bring herself down to the levels that some people are doing on social media. Just in case you  missed it, we have a prime minister who lies and lies and lies, whilst looking us in the eyes and telling us that no he didn’t. Parties in lockdown inside Downing street and in the garden when people were unable to see their dying relatives or to have a final zoom call with their parents as they choked for breath.

Why are people’s memories so short, are people so think that they truly believe the hype, are people so lazy, or brainwashed to believe that it’s always someone else’s fault? Its seems the easy way out to blame someone or circumstances and its certainly easy for the right wing to read and believe the right wing press which indoctrinates them and feeds them with bile and hatred, remember the documentary made in the same style of the guy who just ate McDonalds for a month, someone in the UK only read the Daily Mail, and avoided all other news outlets for a month and after that month had developed a suspicion of foreign people and a fondness for the flag and cheap fizzy lager. Imagine the people who’ve been reading it all their lives, and the Express and the Telegraph, and you can see what a terrible problem we have on our hands; the populous are controlled and kept in check as they shuffle around from Witherspoons to TGI Fridays, dribbling Carlsberg or some smooth pour bitter, smoking tabs in the street and shouting incoherantly at girls who show them the bird and tell them to Fuck off.

We surely must look upand stop our navel gazing, the world and the small part of it that I inhabit is going to hell in a handcart. I wish our government would fall, I wish to God Piutin would die and with it his wretched generals and inner circle, the oligarchs oil that fuels the war machine,  Putin is talking about ethnic cleansing and were talking about a Eurpoean Genocide which can’t be right as he lines up what weapon to use next; chemical biological? Zog help us all as we look towards the summer and following winter of first starvation and then freezing to death, the damage has been done, it can be fixed the maculated toxically stained bedsheets of a once proud welcoming “Nice” country, we were going the right way a few decades ago but I feel ashamed now, unable to stomach the politicians until maybe I have to ignore them but to ignore them would give them more fuel to do what the hell they please at our own expense, and unwatched pot of politicians is boiling away in secret, filling their pockets with the biscuits we so crave leaving us with a box of broken stale garibaldis.

Ive got my annual review next week which I’m neither looking forward to nor worried about, it will have absolutely no bearing on how I have done throughout the year and even if I was offered a small pay increase, it would be just that, small and unconsolidated, thank fuck for eBay where I made more money last year selling shit than I did working hard, I’ve said it before probably, not sure which post, but avid readers will obviously know, such is their encyclopaedic knowledge of such things, in fact I’m sure if I wet on mastermind I wouldn’t know the first thing about this blog which is actually my life over the last 4 years or so. Yes i’ve said this before, they pay me enough to do a good job, I am good at what I do, but they don’t pay me enough to give a shit. I’m easing my way towards retirement, and looking forward to spending 6 months maximum in Europe per year possibly in 2 shifts of 3 months in the mountains of Spain and under mountains of preventative Brexit coloured tape. And forget about Truss, Mogg, Gove, Schapps, Johnson, Williamson, Patel, Dories and the rest of the shit show carrying suitcases of wine into number 10 as the rest of the world gasped for air.

Rant over, I’m going to have a Guinness 0% which is actually very good.


  1. I do think we are going to see a roaring twenties as a dysfunctional grief reaction to the pandemic. People hate having an invisible enemy so they are busily finding and inventing human enemies. Thus the war. Be careful, because I think that people will be hunted and scapegoated during this difficult time, because our cultures are not very good at grieving, especially for millions of deaths from an enemy invisible to most of us. People are looking to work through the stages of grief, including anger and denial and acting out and revenge. And it is a spiral, there is not one circle through the stages, but multiple.

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  2. As to the memory issue or paying attention, I have a theory (of at least a contributor to the problem). I was installing a suite of online “tools” I think they call it. There was a lot of poor instruction with their (the company’s) prompts, which I won’t be trying to explain except to give one example. At one point, it said to me to get a code from my text stream to proceed. After the code was sent to me, they offered me three options for proceeding (with a different one from using the code highlighted as default); I switched choices and added the code, the series of instruction said the code didn’t work. Well, I know I can’t just invent a code. I ended up talking to a computer “expert” who, of course, made fun of me even though he could see I used the right code. I’ve worked with computer programming, so I know the idea is to be “logical.” But there’s something faulty going on with this ubiquitous aspect of our recent lives. People are nearly forced to succumb to the nonsensical thinking to get through to using their computers and so forth. The tedium and bother of little things like this coming up here and there makes it hard to focus, even timewise, on so many other and bigger things going haywire — plus scrabbles the mind (if we’re not careful); the second thought is the theory (the first is kinda obvious).

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