5 days; same, same, same, same, same..

If I could afford it I wouldn’t hasten to recruit some sort of exercise slave driver, to get me going along the road to beach presentability. Ive got 6 months, or less before I go on holiday and this 50 year old maniac isn’t looking any slimmer. I’ve walked 3 miles daily every day so far this year, aside from a few when I really couldn’t be arsed, we’ve all had those days I’m sure you’d agree, but apart form those bumps in the road I’ve pretty much kept to it, next week i’ll give you a mile count, as i’m in a different room form the super calendar and i can’t remember things anymore. 

But lets get one thing straight, in the first month I lost about 2 kg, right now at the end of month 3 I see to have stalled on -2.05kg from the base weight, which for those nosey and rude enough to ask was 84.45kg, which weirdly, makes me overweight, according to the Guinness book of weighing records, this new weight loss of 2.05kg has been in stasis for 5 days in a row, i’ve a feeling i’ve reached my equilibrium, my optimum weight to height ratio, and yet i still struggle to believe this is so when I look down at myself in the shower. i’m thinking bigger fish must be fried and so in the spirit of exercise and progression towards beach presentability for all involved I have entered a new stage of thinking about running around. Running around in order to get fitter and loose the timber, which apparently, after extensive study, is maintained due to the food I eat, and weirdly, but only marginally, by the beer I drink.

So watch this space subscribers, and maybe in April I may decide to think about running around, because drinking low alcohol Guinness, whilst pretty good, ain’t no substitute for the real thing (not coke) and so in Dom-land i’m thinking a few days of running around, plus the walking may actually break the back of overweightness which my children tell me I am suffering a continuous bout of. Good morrow.



  1. When you mention looking “down” in the shower (and beer), I assume you’re referring to the abdomen. I think this requires targeting rather than generally losing weight. In case I’m correct about these ideas, I’ve looked some things up. The first one is something I have (but couldn’t find in any general way with a search… thus my very specific share because I like using it). I’m a bit concerned for your knees were you to start running.



  2. The second share is to, in my opinion and because of my new experience, recommend a rowing machine. We got one recently (not the one they suggest), and I was surprised that using it got to a yet lower part of the abdominals. Plus, I find it very easy and not a strain at all. (The one we have was half the price at the store as the online price for Costco — if you have that business.) I hope I’m not being too presumptuous to offer advice.



    • Thought I’d add that the rower I’m using doesn’t have rigid arms/handles/whatever. The one-piece handle is connected to a long roll of (what seems like) rubber that is entirely relaxing to pull out.


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