Home Truths

It’s not like I lie on this platform I have; this platform which reaches all over the small corner of the internet where 400 or so folk who subscribe to this nonsense, most of what you read and see here is pretty true, and tall stories are made slightly taller with the introduction of drugs way back, and may or may not have happened, but then who cares. WhenJames Frey was called out for having made up “a million little pieces” it made absolutely no impact on how I read the book or how I perceived the author. I cared not for him, where he lived and what he was doing now, I’m not sure if this should make any difference. I think it was Oprah Winfrey who interviewed him and he lied to her, so what? he’s a story teller, not everything needs to be fact checked, least of all a bloke who took a mountain of drugs and stumbled through rehab, who cares? If it reads well then it probably is.

Globally if one wanted to somehow get a petition together to challenge everything everyone said, and call them out then dear God, where are we going? My Government is the most corrupt bunch of leaders the world has ever known and somehow, someway they are still in power, and yet they lie. Further and further into fantasy land they travel and with no obvious direction left to them but to lie; the lies past have become the past and so the future is propped up by the lies of a changeling past. Left in the crib and swapped at birth, or rather swapped when the PM took office, no one knows where the real truth is, it was buried a long time ago, right is wrong and wrong is right , the windows are where the doors should be and the doors are where the windows should be, its all so confusing. The rule of chaos reigns, with no acknowledged right to reply, they do what they want, and no fucker can touch them.

All that is honest is lower league football, where my 13 year old son makes wanker signs at the travelling away fans. What a world we live in today, that I would rather look at him do that, than the politicians in charge play at being in charge, in suits form the dressing up box.

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