Ice Cold in Clifton

We watched something on the telly tonight about cold therapy and breathing deeply championed by some insane but very clever Dutch bloke called Wim Hoff. I’ve heard an interview with him years ago and thought to myself, I must get involved with this cold showering business. The show is a reality show with various well known celebrities, some I knew others not so, which I expect is par for the course for a bloke my age, I did recognise Alfie Boe however, not sure why, it’ll remain a mystery, but could relate back to an massive poster of his face I saw in Norfolk somewhere.

Anyway I’m far too comfy but like the idea of wild swimming or swimming in lakes and since I bought a paddle board in the winter and wet suit last summer then I should really get cracking and not be so damn soft. Tomorrow therefore I shall be having a cold shower for 15 seconds, i’ll shout and complain sure, but will feel marvellous afterwards, that’s what Wim Hoff said and also N (remember him from the original ministry) who has been doing this intermittently for a few years, apparently it gets the blood pumping around the body more, leaving you feeling more energised and full of Vim and Vigour. So we’ll see how this goes and if I can form a habit of it. Seems like the only habits I’m really good at are smoking, drinking and buying records, which enables me to wheeze, wake up feeling dreadful and never knowing which record to put on half the time! For those that care I did pack in smoking a couple of years back, vaped for a while and then realised the error of my ways puffing on watermelon and strawberry flavours, what a ridiculous situation, that’s when I realised the whole thing was fucking stupid.  

So from tomorrow it’s another year zero in the blog and we’ll see how it goes, i’ll describe it all here in all it’s glory later. So all hail to the Hoff (Not that one) and lets see if I can get even more mentally alert than I already am!

Just one thing I have always been very good at walking the dog, I forgot to say so earlier. So smoking (no more) drinking (beer only relative to the description under “drinking”,  I also drink other liquids such as tea, water and juice but these don’t count under this banner), buying records, (you’ll know if you know) and walking the dog Benny (the Black Cypriot Rescue Dog of undetermined breed).

Plus I really need to calm down and get away from the politics of this country which is ruining us all. Night all. 


  1. Good for you that you quit smoking! I like how you described switching, then deciding it was all silly. Okay, I’m here with advice again. 🫤 I’m pro cold shower or bath or jump in a Jake. I heard another guy on a podcast, today, who added information. He said that a person such as you or I (wanting, with exercise, to improve our physique or muscle mass as opposed to some ripped athlete who is maintaining) should wait at least four hours after a workout before undergoing cold — so as not to interfere with the body converting the muscle use into more muscle.


  2. Thats good advice, I have no Jakes nearby and I’m sure my wife would have something to say about that!! yes my showers happen in the morning after I wake up, so there has been no exercise to speak of for sometime. This morning i had a 30 second shower, its amazing how much longer that feels to 15, almost double!!


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