Back on it.

Well after a week off due to a back injury, i’m trying to get back into the saddle, which of corse is a fabrication, the last time I was in the saddle was in Nepal, trekking along mountain paths on ponies, I imagined, far too small to manage to carry a man and his rucksack down from Muktinath to Jomsom, but upon arrival 5 or 6 hours later, we stumbled off the horses and into town, fooled into believing the hype of horse riding being good for ones physical and mental well being, just 5 steps toward the guest house saw us all practically collapse and crawl into the bar, in no way complimentary to Clint Eastwood in any of his westerns. How thew hell can anyone ride a horse? It’s agony on the Bum, they are enormous creatures, larger than me and therefore very dangerous, and when the saddle has been fixed numerous times with bolts and add ons, believe me, the pain on my inner thighs is not easily forgotten.

To forget the riding metaphor, i’m back at work, with a still achey back, sometime achey thighs, and an increased aptitude to make loud unnecessary noises when rising from a chair. One of the only good things to come out of this lumbar malaise is that I got to wear Crocs and Hey Dude Shoes without socks for a week, making me feel like i’m on holiday, and, ok two good things to come out of this was that I got to rearrange my records whilst shuffling around on the floor, slowly and mechanically, like a broken mechanism, i’ve seen beggars with stumps in Connaught Circus move around more spontaneously amongst the rush hour on a makeshift skateboard than I moved those 2 days on the floor in front of my record racks. 

I settled on the genre, age, record label, and popularity technique when reordering them, Alphabetical, for sure, but then pre 70’s, post punk, ambient into Dub, German Prog, Uk prog, Machine music, Electronic, special section where I relive my well spent 20’s and much of my 30’s; Underworld, Chems, Orbital, Ozrics, Bugged out, Megadogs, and all the rest of it. Too many and too complicated to fully explain here, suffice to say when I showed Mrs T, all excited as to what I had done, she didn’t really see much difference, I can understand that now.

Plus no one told me that Co-codamol, prescription and good strength would block up my insides so much, Christ, its taking days to get back to my 50 years old selfs morning routine, still got a lingering tummy ache now, 4 days after stopping the painkillers. Bloody hell.

I’m off now, thought it would help me to touch base with you, as it goes, I’m just tired and my right groin is starting to feel an unpleasant sensation, maybe I need to lie down. 

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