Fools and Imbeciles

Having met up with some of my work colleagues this morning for a whinge and a moan about the state of things within our company, I always feel slightly energised to realise that the shitty chalice of middle management is not a vessel I’m even remotely tempted to drink from. For the kings shilling you get to rat on your previously regarded as “mates” and you get both barrels from the upper middle management trying to force themselves into the exclusive club of senior management; In my company a position reserved for bastards with the tenacity of a rabid dog locking jaws onto its unfortunate victim’s leg until their pension is nicely topped up, and previous friends and colleagues lie in the waste left behind, but at least they’ll have a bit more money to spend in their retirement on the scanty remnants of friendships of the other senior managers. Buy a speedboat, buy a snazzy sports car to compensate for a lack of anything interesting in your head, buy your scuzzy bottom feeding friends some fizzy lager in a gastro pub you utter knob jockeys. 

Reminiscent of Government today, just selfish, no original thought in their heads, just more, more, more. Cash, Money, harking backwards in time to the 80’s and “Loads of Money!” Whilst a growing populous queue shamefully at food banks, like a return to the poorhouse values, as yesterday we are told to buy value brands food and today we are told to get better jobs, to work longer hours. Like that’s something profound, like these empty headed chuckle hounds have a dim flicker of a spark of a minuscule notion in their craniums. There’s a condition which I can’t remember the name of (which is a great intro to a statement innit?) But it references that the folk who are too stupid to realise that what they are saying (very silly) is very stupid, they are too thick to understand or comprehend what they are saying is bollocks. Anyway; that- that is what this government is comprised of. Fools and Imbeciles.

I think I’m destined to not become a manager in this listing organisation, this organism who dines out on its own hype, with back slapping all round on a job well done, or so it seems amongst the masses trying to climb the greasy pole to management. Whilst the workers look on, dumbfounded, and smart enough to play the game and keep out of harms way. That’s where I stand, i’ve a good pension, was given a new electric car this week, and I can keep my powder dry, I stopped volunteering for away trips years ago, since they took away the incentives to stay away from your family. Fuck them, I hope they’re happy in their inward spiralling anus, soon to disappear up into their colon, never to be seen again, I wonder how the history books will regard this wretched period of excessive greed of truly second rate humans? They won’t forget and nor will we.

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