So like the sheep who have gone before we tend not to learn.

 Last night while I was busily fucking up the economy we decided to have a vote, which I won, or got the most votes, or got the most votes of people who hate me and want me dead. Maybe not dead  but I got the most votes, which means I won, which is what it’s all about really, just winning. Nothing matters, certainly not the people living the life, the general public who I used to call and for ever will continue to call skivs. The women who bring me my food, to me and my mates, we all hate the skivs, but they serve a purpose, they give us food, admitably shite food, but food, and if they are not too greasy, then maybe they can give me a blow job.

Then I’ll climax (i’m told thats what its called) and i’ll continue to fuck the poor, because that’s all they’re used for. Me and my mates will take over the world, for no other purpose than to just fuck about. We have no love, our parents aren’t bothered about us, and we care not for any of you fuckers. I am never wrong, I can do what the fuck I want, and how dare anyone deny me. I am here to win, to be the winner, and be the champion of whatever the fuck it is because I was never given any love, and so I am a product of my keepers. I am a product of the public school system, and I am in charge of your country, and like it or not, I will do what the fuck I want.

No one will tell me to leave, I’ll make my own decisions and when I do leave I’ll say to my mates

“It was a shit party anyway, lets nick a speedboat”

And so it goes, until someone steals a cattail 

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  1. Just for clarity, where you are… “public” schools means schools that aren’t government funded (or not as fully funded by taxes as other schools for ordinary people). Right? [We call those private (rather than public) in the United States (the very opposite in terminology even while not opposite meaning in your narrative fiction).] I’m reminded of when I took a historical class at the local Jewish Community Center wherein there was a reference (wish I could remember who the famous scholar was) who said the government-run parks and so forth belong to the regular people (or you as in the person he was facing) to whom he was speaking — because a position of wealth, even if you own something now, isn’t necessarily permanent. A social contract or social safety net is what will endure — in a society that cares about people. Half the musicians who wrote or played classic rock music were full of angst about having been in high-society hells of schools (where some of the people there are yet treated as abusable). I think your writing, here, is realistic.


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