Friday Fictioneers: “Bloody Creationists”

I’m back once more and its all thanks to Rochelle and her beckoning ways, and I dare say ability to put on a fine party, should the need arise. Haven’t done FF for 2 weeks straight for a while and curse myself every week when I don’t get round to it. This weeks photo by David Stewart is a real cracker and so I’ll endeavour to get my thinking cap on, and create some sort of pithy narrative with beginning, middle and end in no more than 100 words. I’ve got an idea, forgive the historical inaccuracies…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Ken and Maud blatantly avoided most of the festivities and grand openings due to their tedious obsession of wiping down surfaces; keeping things clean. Always holed up inside when the other Gods and Mythical beasts were balls deep in Best Elixir and Ergot wine provided by Dionysus, served by the Bacchanalians, mostly topless.

The Ergot Brouhaha carried on for days, most forgot who or where they were for days too.

On the fifth day, Ken and Maud fought through the forest to come and see what all the fuss was about.

“Bloody hell, It’s all over the rocks” kvetched Ken miserably.

So there you go, 100 words on the nose, which doesn’t relate to anything historical as its turned out, hope you like it.


  1. The Pantheon needs its cleanliness gods, especially when all the others are prone to such disorder ad downright lack of hygiene. I’m so glad you’ve invented them.


  2. I love your descriptions and that does look like one hell of a fun location to party for days. The bug bites will heal eventually as will the bruises, inflamed tissues, et al. I feel bad for the ones clinging so tightly to reality.


  3. Dear Shrawley,

    Great descriptions. I can imagine what gods named Ken and Maude might look like. Love the use of the word kvetch…which is what I’ve been doing all week with COVID. 😦



    Liked by 1 person

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