Backwards and Downards

After yesterday’s rant I’ve had time to think and have decided that my company, supposedly a globally well known Data company, is leading us on a terrific journey into the future where we, or at least me, will probably end up surplus to requirements, what is the point, which my esteemed colleague who I’ll call G, today pointed out to me, clearing the misty brain fog of a dinosaur in waiting. What is the point in a aspiring super high tech company having a gang of rusty duties driving around the valleys of wales to the rolling hills of Worcestershire when we could probably be replaced by some sort of machines or externally sourced data?

Its a good point, one I’ve been thinking of since we had a chat this afternoon when we discussed having to fill in our goals and objectives for the year going forward and finding out that everyone has similar, nay identical goals as the whole filling in of the forms was a copy and paste exercise, with little or no chance to improve or impress, let alone to wear a halo made of aspiration, only to see it sink like a turd in the bathtub, toxifying the water to the colour of a Scottish beck. 

For gas its backwards and downwards, and maybe redundancy ahead. Both “Shit!” and “Fuck!” in equally alarming measures. Night all.


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