She Sells Shell Shares

 I was down at My Mum’s house the other week, she’s got some guns she wants to sell, theior clean and locked up, as far as I know. In the gun cupboard were some envelopes with “Shares” labeled in biro. She suggested getting them out and seeing what she had. This concept of having stuff which may be valuable and not really knowing how much , if anything, it may be worth is an alien notion to me. Any spare cash I have is spent on, food, family, drink , records and birthdays. So at the end of the month I’m always scratching around, sad really, I’m 50 for God’s sake, but that’s 12 years of the Tories, etc etc (I’m not going there today, too nauseating) And counterproductive to a pretty joyous story if I’m honest.

So we looked through the various envelopes of certificates and correspondence and junk mail, but separately catalogued, dusty and bound with a giant paperclip. It turned out Mum had shares in Shell, Nat West and M&S, which had been purchased decades ago, and as she wasn’t using them, and had no idea of their worth and hadn’t factored their value into her future health, she decided there and then to see the Shell shares and give the proceeds to her Grandchildren.

So today when the cheque came through for her; doesn’t deal in bank transfers, doesn’t deal with the internet, prefers to go into the bank to speak to a teller and get her balance old school; analogue. The cheque came, and out of the blue she calls us up and asks to speak to the kids. My daughter, is hoping to go to university this autumn and Granny has now made her life there financially a little easier. After signing off, my daughter came down stairs smiling broadly with tears in her eyes and to see the sheer delight of what she had just been given was a gift i’ll never forget. 

She said to me that so much stress which I had no idea she was harbouring has fallen away thanks to Granny and her shares. It’s been a beautiful evening. Cheers Granny, Cheers Grandpa (sadly no longer with us). You’ve done a truly wonderful thing.

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