Rest and Recuperation.

Its certainly refreshing to be away from the Tory party leadership contest for a while, Sunak and Truss peddling their right wing hatred and bigotry to the 160000 right wing bigots and haters, choosing one of those is like choosing your favourite pedophile, thank god I don’t have a vote in that particular shit show.

As you may, or may not realise or further care, I’ve returned to the motherland; Akayaka in Turkey, which keen, deluded and gullible readers may remember from summer 2019, pre plague. Here for 3 weeks nearly this time and the resort has become more Turkish, there have been no British visitors for 2 years to Hotel Eucalyptus, and the menus are noticeably prohibitive, unless you happen to have some sharp teenagers with you who can use the internet to translate, isn’t technology wonderful, yeah, yeah, yeah? 

So I plan to be lazy for a time, so please don’t hold your breath for dispatches from your faithful correspondant who will have very little to say day to day but I do like to keep M, C and N updated, not to mention the mysterious Dr S; yours and my favourite bottomist.

One thing best forgotten from yesterday was an internet outage, which helped me to lose a very fine Friday Fictioneers tale, involving some down and out elves, a drug soaked troll and a shoemaker down on his luck, but i’m not writing it again because it really boils my piss when that sort of thing happens. 

So with a nod and a wink i’m going to get off to pretend to do my laundry after a dinner accident with some prawns and draught lager. Toodle pip.

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