Boat trip.

It seems a freshly shaved face is like  crack to the Turkish mosquito and midge. Walking up to the bakery first thing for warm bread and coffee with a shiny sweaty smooth face is a new look for me, usually lazy in the shaving department, no big Neptune style beard for me, more sharp whiskers, slightly more evenly spaced than before, as I am maturing, now a 50 year old man having reached full puberty. The mosquitos skate around my sweaty face stinging where they fall on the salty ice, the buggers. And a really sweaty English man with red blemishes is a certain look marking me out as a newly arrived man abroad.

This and terrific sunburn with a slightly sore shoulder from diving off our boat is something I should probably learn from, but being safe under the baking sun is something I should but refuse to take heed of. It’ll go brown in a few days. We took our regular boat ride as we normally do in Akayaka, this time a monster boat £75 per family for 8 hours on board, in the unrelenting sun on the top deck made of a foamy soft floor of sun-bed cushions designed to make it especially tricky as an adult to get up and walk around preferring to crawl, roll and loll. A fabulous 19 of us set sail, with Mustafa the pilot and the cabin boy (Roger?), early into the cruise we saw dolphins playfully breaching in the near distance, nature, wonderful, etc. Soon the positions on the cruise were decided, kids at the front, lower deck, adults at the top, literally baking like potatoes in the sun, the most sensible spot down stairs in the dining area, tables and open windows to the side, shaded and cooler.

We spent the day drinking Rose’ wine from Carlsberg pint glasses, diving from the top deck of our boat and the top deck of a monster boat moored next to us just off Cleopatras Island, smoking secretly and piloting the boat as Mustafa sat upfront, on the nose casually pointing left and right as he saw fit. An awesome day punctuated with chatter, sleep, sunburn, paddle boarding, and a Turkish Sheesh before collapsing into our bed utterly exhausted. 

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  1. An awesome story (s) of experiences punctuated with chatter, sleep, and even the odd mostikioto – keep enjoying and well done to all 19 of you


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