Friday Fictioneers: Sea of Faeces.

So there now follows correspondance from our intrepid adventurer stationed in Akayaka, a long way from home, as ever Rochelle is holding the shebang together, reaching out across the internet to encourage a merry band of scribblers to create a pice of prose 100 words long with a beginning, a middle and hopefully a satisfying end in response to this photo by Brenda Cox, lets see what gives…

On my Marks…

Get Set…


She sat on her veranda looking out over the scorched beach at Lydd. The fetid sea washed over the shore bringing with it a constant accumulation of plastic bottles, punctured dinghies and excrement.

Days of collecting sculptural driftwood abandoned, toxic beach fires glowed through the baroscopic catatonia, black smoke choking the atmosphere, she tore more pages from a book she’d been saving throwing them onto her fire for succour rather than warmth.

An exotic market on page 144 triggered a reminiscence, and perceiving the glowing embers of Dungeness in the distance she wondered if this was truly taking back control…

Blimey, that was cheerful! 100 words on what Britain has become after 12 awful years of Tory Government, Brexit, Utility price hikes, dumping sewage into our seas… the list goes on. On holiday at the moment so its nice to forget what’s going on at home for a few weeks! Enjoy.


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