Calm Before Storm

Visiting our property in a Leicester suburb yesterday, the bottom floor we lease to a young beautician, the top floor is our “office” which we don’t use and hope to convert into a studio flat sometime in the future. Theres a mutual damp patch on the wall of the beauticians and on the corresponding wall in the neighbouring property. I went to check the upper floor out for leaks, but the while place is bone dry, the water has been drained, the toilet is dry, the header tank dusty and no sign of any damp anywhere. Its a mystery and in the mean time our beautician is kicking off, and rightly so. We are going to sort the issue, we may install a false wall which she could then decorate, and might allow air flow behind the plasterboard, a short term fix, I think the neighbour might be doing some bad DIY, but its hard to say. Similar to the sprayed graffiti on the rear wall of the neighbours property, there was no indication as to who sucks cock, another mystery.

And all the while the Elephant in the room or in the back alley or anywhere you care to turn is the Price of Survival crisis, and what the hell is going to happen. The Tories seem content to address the party members and no one else while the leadership contest is rumbling on, theres no governance and as the time marches forward toward oblivion, people’s stress levels are escalating. I will not be at all surprised if there are riots this autumn and winter, large scale unrest, i’ll certainly be taking part in any demos in my neck of the woods, for what thats worth.

But its the not knowing, the mood in the country right now is definitely the calm before the storm, theres an eeriness to things as folk try to ignore the elephant as adeptly as Truss and Sunak are.


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