Friday Fictioneers: What does anything mean?

This thing just keeps on and on and on and on, how quickly the time seems to be slipping by these days, my week punctuated and counted by Rochelle and the Friday Fictioneers, summer is almost a distant memory as it fades into darkness and Autumn dusts off its brown trousers once more. This week the photo is from Lisa Fox a rest cracker it is too. So my mission is to write a story with beginning, middle and end in 100 words based on the picture below.

On My Marks…

Get Set…


Eyes disguised as folded seats, gave the “boat” the look of a modern Proto-Frog, Post Triadobatrachus, an “AI” amphibian. And it watched, through slits, the only give away was the tongue which momentarily licked the towbar, gobbling up dragonflies, hoping to catch a taste of the holy spirit.

These Sequestered Chimeric Amphibians were stationed outside and adjacent to churches worldwide, sent by the Toad Overlords to prove the existence of a God or not.

Of course, nothing happened, and no proof either way came, people came and sang, then disappeared for a week and then returned repeat the whole dreary process.

There we go 100 words, on the banality of pretty much all boats parked outside churches, and why they are there. If you didn’t know this, you do now!


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