What this Mourn-a-Thon has proved is that the government and police are not at all fitful in their law keeping regarding the peaceful protests of antimonarchists. A man holding a blank piece of paper was arrested for a inciting hatred, for asking what would happen if he’d written “Not my King” on his piece of paper.Imagine that, being arrested for asking a hypothetical question in a time of maxi mourning. Another chap was arrested and charged with a Breach of the Peace for calling Prince Andrew, who was walking behind his Mums Coffin, a Dirty Old Man quite correctly but at the incorrect time. There’s a time and a place, of course there is but he’s got a right to say this things. 

We’ve 6 more days of this and thank God on Monday, when the funeral happens, that the food banks will be closed, some hospitals closed, shops closed, I’m hoping the pubs will be open but only for wet sales, meals will be banned, no one should eat when a queen dies, I think the rules state there will be a 8 week period of fasting where the money preciously earmarked to have been spent on food and cleaning aids will be given to help with the cost of the royal funeral. Because King Charles (the spaniel) will be busy counting his money, the money he saved from not having to pay any inheritance tax, because he’s is a King, and Kings have different rules, but look, if you become a king then you can benefit from those rules too.

Put the excess money in the bank, and leave it in there, instead of putting it back into the economy and growing the country’s businesses. Bloody Royals, I tell you something after another week of this shit, there’ll have to be an almighty PR push from KCIII to pacify his subjects, who will now be pretty bored of being dictated to by a 70+ year old man with an allegedly short fuse.

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