Friday Fictioneers: Manager

I had a meeting this week, I had to travel to Cardiff, I had to take the train. You; the tax payer paid for my journey, so thanks for that and I hope my work will benefit your lives. It might, it may not, that’s the worry about the circus I work for. But thank goodness for Rochelle, the ringmaster of this circus, for keeping us on our toes, and thanks also to Alicia Jamtaas for the photo, its a goody, but I’m going to have to work extra hard to manipulate the story to tie in with the shot. I may have to completely change tack, but then I never know until I start to write. So

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“So, What have I been unto?”


“I’ve been working with the IT team to implement some wild changes, meaning hunting season will come early, easy pickings, the foxes will be smashing into the Chicken Coups


This wasn’t going well, his belongings were packed up in plastic boxes in the garage and plastic bags in the hallway. An accidental Suit jacket and Jeans gave him an Accidental Partridge demeanour, and his shoddy speech only confirmed this.

Eyes Glazed, he was thinking Roast Beef Platter Micro-meal, and an 8pm wank over Freeview Babe-station, bleak bed at 9, followed by a Bleak Empty morning.

There we go, 100 words on a man, who it seems might have split up from his partner and still has to carry on. Enjoy


  1. He’s alive and breathing (if little more, for now). Hope remains. Time heals. Well done.

    Taxpayers only need to get their moneys worth. I bet they did. ๐Ÿ™‚


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