The Wheels are Definitely Coming off and Rotting in a Field

In other news, a marketing director is due to leave soon as he/she probably promised something which could not be  delivered, and gradually as the weeks and months pass and the new operating system yields no particular benefits and elongated working times, thus using up all the time we never had anyway, being under the cosh for many years whilst receiving a real time pay cut each year. So probably not such a bad idea to get out while the going is going from Bad’ish to really bad, whilst senior management swan around with the benefit of delusion and ignorance of the folk in the wheel house, doing the real lifting. Probably a good time for a transfer to a normal company, usually these folk make “sideways moves” to go and fuck up something else; the same faces all over the intranet, indeed holding down what looks like many jobs in many departments on the front pages of these departments as the IT department is clueless as to who is in charge of what, and where they are. In fact most of our IT department is a kind of self service affair where you just have to go and sort things out for yourselves, not a million miles away from just telling us to google it communicated using a “post it note” on their profile picture in the phone book.

Really we could do with a “Sort my Shit out” Director, as the waters of the sinking behemoth swash around the boughs, whilst senior management rearrange the deck chairs, etc etc. Well coincidentally we have such a man/woman stepping on board, delivered to the floundering tanker on a speed boat made of gold to sort it all out for us. Thats what they’re telling us anyway, he’ll/she’ll probably come, stay for a couple of years, update his/her CV and bugger off leaving the ship above water but with no one able to pilot it, the controls are there but not necessarily in the correct position, (you know the sketch) 

Night all

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