Mountain Prep

Colours all around, sometimes up, sometimes down, but always all around… Tomorrow morning, sparrow fart i’m meeting up with N and M to set off for the Brecon Beacons to conquer the Pen Y Fan horseshoe ridge walk, which I’m hoping will be slightly less turd provoking than Crib goch, which we did a few years ago during and after which I nearly shat myself and then nearly died having had a panic attack on the top of the ridge, in the fog. Fuck that, payment for car parking is hardly worth dying for so this time M has brought with him, his handy National Trust car park pass which enables people over 50 to Park where the fuck they want, and damn the consequences, all for a cool £200 a year (or whatever). So tomorrow armed with pork pies, hot and sour soup, plenty of scrumped apples and some bombay mix we plan to destroy this mother funker. The map is waterproof, the bag is in place to be packed at 5;15 and as far as i can glean we will be setting off in the gloom but without a need for a torch to gleam the way for us. Do I intend to take some local produce up to the peak of the mountain? Probably yes, I’m chilling some homemade rhubarb gin, which may well do, under the rules of the agreement. Otherwise i’ll buy a bottle of beer in a garage west of Hay on Wye and crack that open on top. 

Good night losers


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