Black and White Tuesday: It’s either fucked or… well… fucked

In the space of 1 day, my job and the way I do it has changed forever, imagine that!

A slightly different slant on the whole so called “training” course we’re undergoing at the moment, and after yesterdays clusterfuck where all the software fell over and rendered our “learning process” barren. Very little was known about what we would do should the computers refuse to work. It was like the year 2K virus, a bit. We ranted, and huffed and puffed and they called an answer machine in HQ, whose message was

“We don’t particularly care about you field workers, we’re having a picnic in a field of our own. The only field we recognise is the one we are getting wet trousers in, please leave a message, etc”

Thats the type of world we live in today, what a world that is. I am fast understanding that life, working life in January next year will be completely converse to how it was at the end of November this year. The job is the same but the way we have to do it has been turned on its head to the detriment of us, in the field, who are not recognised by the people in Head Office, similar to how some people do not recognise Tibet. Which isn’t right, and therefore not fair.

So today in the morning, I was expecting the trainers to tell us to turn the computers back on as they just needed a rest. They didn’t, turns out the system is well and truly fucked and so we are to go back to whatever the hell it was we were doing yesterday next week on Monday when we are at a conference centre.  Yesterday I had to storm off in disgust, before I erupted in a fit of conniption. I was cross, the trainers and my boss accepted my reasoning when I said, (and I really hate the caveat I have to make, read on and you’ll see)

I’m not being negative but I’m finding very little to be positive about this morning, this is insane, I’ve got to walk the dog and get some fresh air” 

So we’ll see what happens, I’m sure my senior manager who sits there like a nodding dog, towing the party line as if we’re all morons, and won’t understand the unadvised unplanned intricacies of what is going down in this Government agency town. Fucking Broken Denture, he’ll soon see, and if he doesn’t then he’ll end up in the bin marked “Beige Leatherette”

So, sorry, the point of what I wanted to talk about today is the fact we had to load about 10 separate programmes onto our laptops this afternoon, via teams. One trainer took control, talked us through it. All 12 of us had to complete every stage at the same time, some took a while, some were quicker and some ended up breaking the matrix via way of Tron. After 8 days, this was the most fun session, chat and banter, a break from the non sensical inefficientcies we seem to be chasing down the hill, and that is where the wild things are; at the bottom of the hill. I’m genuinely feeling as if our company is in a race to the bottom against itself, and for no real reason, there doesn’t seem to be a prize. 


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