From Disaster comes Opportunity

Well if i’m thinking rationally, which I invariably am not, then i’d say that this issue I have with my job at the  moment (for long time readers will know about our hero’s trials and mental anguish recently suffered due to some imbecile putting a pin in a software catalogue and rolling out across the whole company whatever they stabbed) Enough about that, i’m being Zen and whilst not exactly what the or any doctor ordered, they’re busy for fucks sake its not their fault (again chronic underfunding of the NHS amongst other things is to blame, just listen to the news) But but but, the fruitlessness with which I am conducting my work life at the moment since that fateful training course in Swindon, has led me to being inside for a majority of the time. Whereas I used to go out “on site” pretty much every day it seems that i’ll be spending a lot of my time watching a de facto egg timer on my work laptop, as the time slips away and my whiskers grey. So in my previously time short job to hang around at home in my pyjamas right now until lunch time is a new thing for me, all I have to do is muscle my way back into the living room next to my records and I can spend more time with them, the record collection was, in the past,  depauperate in extra time to grow, maintain and nurture the vinyl. 

So tonight I took it upon myself to start cleaning my records in the machine shown below, from A-Z some stolen from my mother, most picked up by myself over my 51 years, some gifted and maybe one or two found their way into my collection on long term loan. 


That Abba record is my Mum’s but she won’t be using it again, due to her not having the Murphy music system anymore and her refusal to entertain the idea of a hearing aid, so the gatefold greatest hits with them all sat on various park benches looking melancholy. I think I’ve done about 40 tonight and I’ve over 2000 I suppose. This is going to take some time, of which I have much!

Night folks

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