Friday Fictioneers: U.D.O s

Its that time of the week again and the wonderfully talented Rochelle has sounded the Conch and summoned us Fictioneers to the far end of the beach to ply our trade to write a short story with a beginning, a middle and an end in 100 words or less ( I always use the full quota, not one to waste things). So thems the rules, what about the picture? I hear you cry, well the below was kindly provided by Fleur Lind     for us to base our ditty on, thinking caps tilted and at the ready…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“What was it you saw”

Flying home from work, bursting for a piss, fidgeting, crossing all my legs looking around for a suitable receptacle to throw from the window afterwards; the mountains hid a thousand secrets.

Distracted, perilously low and closer to the concrete river than I anticipated, and from my cockpit I saw 2 craft, white lights to the front, red at the back certain to collide.

I braced and pulled back on my steering, closing some eyes, I shot upward narrowly avoiding the mountain.

Looking back; the crafts were intact and racing apart in opposite directions

“Intelligent life eh?”

So there we have it, 100 words on a debrief from the chief of Alien investigation, 2 UDO’s (unidentified driving objects)


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