Prohibitive Telephonic Procrastination

 The day started well enough, work passed successfully which is a bonus given the circumstances we all face in my company at the moment, a terrible operating system which doesn’t do what it should, would be entirely reasonable to expect it to be proficient rather than give us all headaches. Anyway, I sorted a lady’s garden out accepting some fine coffee whilst I worked in the frosty brightness of Herefordshire. I’d told her I would write the report this afternoon and get it off to the relevant authorities pronto, thus enabling her to get on with her life. Sadly the operating system caused me issues above and beyond what a simple job would normally entail, plus I spent pretty much the entire drive home on hold to my insurance company only wishing I could find out what’s going on with my claim, went down a dip, the phone line dropped and I’m stuck with some terrible Telstar classical ditty in my head for the rest of there journey. I spent another 30 minutes on hold to British Gas, trying to sort out my Mum’s Gas Bill; she’s received every few since Dad died over a year ago, and we are expecting a real humdinger when the reading catches up with the estimation, how the hell can people survive with the cost of fuel, and how  strange it is that BP and Shell announce record profits and yet the fuel price goes up and up and up. Somethings got to give. Then I spent a significant time trying to change the banking details on my daughter’s phone bill, which I pay, and she spends, that was on mobile, laptop and landline, all ringing out to terrible faux trumpet music. Accomplished 2 out of 3, the insurance will have to wait until tomorrow and the lady whose garden I sorted this morning will have to wait until first thing tomorrow.

There’s only so many hours in the day. But rest easy that all your calls are important to us and will be monitored for training and quality control

Good night

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