Its All So Unfair.

I had to pass on the space cake to my friend J, otherwise it’ll go stale and i’ll lose my marbles, which in my profession seems to be a prerequisite for a managerial position but in my lowly spot, I have to be fully in control of my facilities, you never know who’s out to get you.

I spent the morning out to the west of The Long Minge, along the border with England and Wales and actually walked along the border in a little rivulet for a few metres, maybe this is me literally dipping my toes in the international market, often promised by my bidet of a company, that’s a big bugbear; not being told the facts, or fake news or alternative truths, call it what you want, it seems to me that the way my company is configured now is totally for management and totally against the ground workers. We are told to produce annual goals, which Arte all copied and pasted across the whole country, a handful of people might have a specific goal, but most just copy and paste. The reason? It’s because we aren’t told what specific actions will move us up the ladder to greatness, so the whole marking system is entirely subjective, which may be fine should any of the managers take a blind bit of notice of what we are getting up to in our day top day activities. It’s a deliberate ruse to see us do what they want us to, more and more for less and less while many of us sit there like panting dogs waiting for the next stick to be thrown. 

And we didn’t get to see the Northern Lights here, and we’re high up, have solar panels, walk my dog daily and eat my greens, and yet they get them in Suffolk… Its so unfair.

Maybe, like Terese Coffe tells us, we should just work a few more hours or get a better job, and that ladies and gentlemen, is empathy in a nutshell.

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