The Unwanted Sinus Balloons

 Some idle googling at 4;30am this morning reveals that i’ve probably got sinusitis. We had a fantastic night last night for Mrs T’s birthday in a restaurant in Worcester, but not having the use of my nose made the experience slightly less enjoyable, here’s why. I can’t taste much, or anything, more the suggestion of strength of taste, so a full bodied Malbec seemed the correct thing to drink even though I have revealed here before I don’t really understand wine, but i needed something to cut through the muted taste reflex which is woefully out of action.

Secondly my nose is completely blocked, not by snot but by sinuses the size of balloons, no air shall pass and so when I try using the innovation which Mrs T kindly got for me earlier on in the week, common name a Netipot, a plastic bottle with a curved tube protruding from the top. I fill it with boiled water and special salt, let it cool down and then lean over a basin and squirt the stuff up one nostril and it comes down the other in a mucousy mess, accompanied with sneezes and splutters, not the typoe of thiung to do anywhere near where. people are. Anyway it goes up both nostrils and comes out my mouth and my ears pop, completely blocked.

Imagine not having the use of your nose so you have to breathe continually through your mouth, as well as doing everything else a mouth should be doing; chewing, eating, swallowing, talking, drinking etc, so each of these actions have to be interspersed with breathing, there’s a chaotic antirhythem to it all and its so very tiresome.

It’s flipping tiring too, why else would I be googling medical questions at stupid o clock in the morning? Plus google told me that it usually clears up in 2 or 3 weeks on its own if untreated. I demand treatment and shall march into the surgery whenever they can accommodate me announcing with a forthright demeanour that I need fixing, I miss the snotty snail trail which was streaming from both nostrils last week. Its all becoming rather tedious right now…


  1. I can definitely sympathize with your sinus issues, as someone who has struggled with allergies and sinus infections for years. It’s frustrating to not be able to fully enjoy something like a meal or a glass of wine because your senses are impaired. Have you tried using a humidifier or steam inhalation to help relieve your sinus pressure? And have you seen a doctor or considered any treatments for your sinusitis? It’s always a good idea to take care of your health, especially when it comes to something like your sinuses which can greatly affect your quality of life.

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