Floppy not Foppy

Not sure how many weeks this cold is lasting now, stretching out into, and how maybe this is the new “what its always going to be like” in which case I advise everyone involved to seek legal advice. This is the blues man. It seemed yesterday, that not content with being able to salvage at least a modicum of outwardly physical health and well being, I’ve not buggered my back. Remember the days of sneezing upwards to mitigate back issues? Its early blog chat, only a few million of you will understand what I’m talking about.

Problem is, as well as having Sinus issues, and everything that goes with that, runny nose, not runny nose, blocked ears, ear ache, coughing up all sorts and coughing up nothing, now i’ve hurt my back which is hurting my shoulder which is connected to the arm bone which is connected to the laptop and so I have to tell you about my poor self. So sniffing now hurts, moving off and onto furnituere prompts an ooof and an awww. Fucks sake I’m an old man. This Winter/Spring Matthew, i’m going to be cantankerous and achey.

So I’m back on the painkillers, the decongestants, the golden Lemsip, the one which costs about £3 more and you aren’t meant to mix it with co-codamol, decongestants, strepsils, tunes and alcohol. Well i’ve got news for you Big Pharma, you have no fucking idea, my hairs gone all floppy too, which may have something to do with the way its been cut, but having not had a hairstyle for about 25 years, its all new to me. Maybe even my hair is suffering a malady related wound, floppy but not foppy. 


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