Chilli, Water, Music, etc

I’ve a new plan to shake off the demon; this cold i’ve been cultivating using my body as some sort of working, commuting, cooking, shopping petri dish. Its getting me down but I will not let this shocker of a virus beat me. Granted there are people a lot worse off than myself and i feel for them but I don’t have access to all the facts and being as i’ve inhabited my body for 51 years then I think I am better than most to qualify what’s going down in Ministry (Count) town.

A very good friend of mine who I’ll call Stef, as that’s his name but is no longer with us and thus has no way to sue me for libel (which he wouldn’t anyway, we were good friends and I bare him no ill). Stef and myself lived together for 2 years at uni and went travelling after, 2/3 of the freak brothers some called us (fondly and with a degree of pity/jealousy I suspect) anyway he always said to me “everything in moderation”. It is with this not always wise mantra in mind, (I’m thinking back to the Hampi opium situation) that I aim to  embiggen my curative solutions for this cold. I aim to beat the bastard on my terms, not on the terms of the pharmacist, I will stop taking Lemsip, I will only take paracetamol when my back aches (today slightly) so 1 just to take the edge off. I’ve been told that certain things; food and drink in particular can be bad for you… Who knew? So with that in mind I will be avoiding cigarettes for the foreseeable future, they make me cough, or I cough when I have had one… coincidence? I will drink 2 litres of water daily, because someone on the internet or What’s app said it is good for me, I tend to visit the toilet a fair amount after doing so… coincidence? I stopped eating chilli omelettes about 5 weeks ago, and my illness has accelerated since… coincidence? My dog walks have been spent dragging myself around the sloppy muddy fields of late, it’s rained too recently… coincidence?

So my plan as to the workings of, is as follows:

Get up early…

Go for a truncated walk (2 miles or there about to shake off the night sweats)

Cup of Tea, then Omelette but with hot chillis, Birds Eye or Bell ones

Work.. (blah blah bollocks)

Water in my bottle times 3 over the day.

Then other stuff but in moderation apart from records which I shall endeavour to increase the dose of.

There we are, the several point plan to wellness, forget yoga, forget nuts and seeds, I choose the Chilli, Music, Water path to wellness but not necessarily success.

Best dash, work to do, appointments to make. 

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