Fractal Future

I’m reflecting during a quiet moment in between preparing the Sunday Roast on a Monday evening because Mrs T and I went out for drinks to a friends house between 12 and 2 on Sunday Lunch time at a friends at the other end of the close. The 12-2 became 12-6 and I had to buy a sloppy pizza from the pub and our son was mighty pissed off, I think the Pizza helped to mitigate the dark mood somewhat, but I was just thinking I barely remembered eating the pizza. But I did remember to organise my work work for the following day before I crashed into a heap in my bed, full of tomatoes and garlic, dough and beer.

So the Monday evening in between when the chicken went in, the potatoes and veg all  peeled and prepped, Yorkshire pudding mix done, herbs and jars scattered all over the work top ready to add to the winey, garlicy, lemony bits and bobs mix sitting in the bottom of the chicken tray to make the gravy (I make very good gravy, wine and other stuff being 2 of the many ingredients). So I had a while to sit and do my blog but I chose to watch a company seminar which had happened on the Friday last week; a kind of “Look how we’re doing now” type thing. No considering the directors and the folk in charge have royally fucked everything up over this last 12 months, bringing in a new operating system which doesn’t do what our old one used to ( I’ll spare the details, regular readers will know anyway, if you don’t then just read every post I’ve done for the last 2 years and you’ll get it). So I was watching the various heads of this and that tell us how much money they’re going to spend on hardware and equipment to try and speed the whole system up. And there was a real air of optimism in the chat, a kind of casual nodding of the heads and “Amens” as muppet after muppet told us how they plan to get back to Business as Usual going forward. And everyone is kind of metaphorically patting them selves on the back without any sort of sense of  this stage in the company’s history being a regretful time or in any way poignant . Christ people have retired and left in their droves but now many of the people with memories of the “old ways” have all gone, then a new narrative can be invented. Its time to step away from the past and into the future in a never ending fractal tumble on and on and on, in which everyone congratulates everybody else on a job well done without remembering what the problem was only a few months prior.

Its absolutely a denial in Headquarters of anything being done wrong. Special new weapons and absolutely no tactics going forward. What do I care? Should I care? Well I’ve enjoyed and had pride in what I’ve done for the last 24 years but now it seems that maybe I should forget the past and embrace the future where AI will determine our end of year performance bonuses, where the next year performance bonuses will be decided on an unknown algorithm of which we have no knowledge of, but then why should I care, the company; from what I watch on our internal internet, is going great guns, its almost like our minds are being distracted form the massive pile of codswallop which exists as an alternative to the system we used to use. 

All hail the lunatics, they are really and truly taking over the asylum.

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