A Bad Trip of MPs

As the Tory party bask in their indifference, a writhing nest of slugs at the heart of government, caring very little for the constituent, caring more for their pathetic futures as after dinner speakers for increasingly aged blue rinse nationalists, peddling dangerous propaganda and catching the far right with the sticky rhetoric, which normal rational people seem to see through. It seems the base power of the Tory party is getting older and as they diminish the remainder will be nasty nazified chuckleheads, unable to rationalise what just happened and believing the right wing press as hopefully it gains a reputation as nothing more than a silly National Enquirer or tantamount to the Sunday Sport which tells us Boris Johnson (yuk) is living on a double decker bus at the North Pole counting £350m a week. The party is failing to run the country in a decent law abiding way, Sunak and his wife are making money hand over fist with every decision they make, its really is all about them. And the completion of a deal with the Pacific Nations which will yield 8% for our economy over 1000 years or 0.08% in 10, both equally appealing, they didn’t ask me for a referendum to see if I wanted to join, and all the time they peddle Kemi Badenoch up infant of the cameras to tell us that its not helpful to talk about Brexit . No Shit! the fact that no one really properly talked about Brexit in the first place has led us to this situation, this horror show of a situation. If we had talked sensibly, if everyone knew the why’s and wherefores then maybe we might be in a better place.

 Sadly the blonde haired mop top Influencer seemed to pull the wool over 52% of the population’s eyes. And the foot soldiers marched in, sewing the seeds of a colourful invasion from the channel, the enemy just 20 miles away in an abominable armada of blow up dinghys, coming over to rape our women and murder our children before eating the law abiding, George Cross bearing border force who patrol the beaches of Kent, with sedulous attentiveness. None shall pass said the black knight in fruitless and meaningless battle to stop the “Small Boats” 

And in the mean time the cost of energy prices in business rockets, the NHS is crawling to survive and Rwanda has been formally recognised as a dangerous place for refugees to be. “Oh well at least they’re not here”, repeated parrot fashion the remaining shabby bunch of charity shop rejects who were left to turn the lights off and close the doors as all the money left for the Caymen islands, the LP record equivalent of a tatty box load of No Parlez by Paul Young running the country and calling the shots. Utterly useless.

So a new week will begin again, and Braverman will tell us that its the Boats which are the problem, the money made by various lord and ladies over Covid leading to a repulsive stench which covers the country along with all the actual shit being dumped in our rivers and seas thanks to an environmental secretary who really doesn’t give a shit. Fuck them all, I hope in some marvellous twist of justice they are all sent to Rwanda, with only the clothes they have on their backs and no identity papers, and lets see how they cope with making their way.

But that won’t happen, lets hope they lose their seats in the May elections, and then they’ll see how it is to be hated and homeless, the actual enemies of the people .

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