Friday Fictioneers: Hedonism Resurrection.

Good evening (where I am) my fellow Friday Fictioneers. I’ve finished work for about 12 days now for Easter, It’s what Jesus would have wanted. So the Family T will be headed West to the coast of Pembrookshire with the dog Benny in the footwell. He hates cars and will almost certainly be sick and pant for his life. So before we set off I thought I’d have a go at this Photo and mini story taken and curated by Rochelle. Thinking caps on…

On My Marks…

Get Set…


“Man this heat is killing me,” he lit up a cigarette and glugged down some water, spilling a lot on his filthy T-shirt.

The Usual weekend:

Out early doors on Friday, sharing whisky and Redbull rapidly through straws from buckets of ice before the ice melted. Early Saturday morning typically someone would introduce amphetamines and beer to straighten things out, so over lunch talk of which club to go that evening was the only plan. Then push on through Smashed-Sunday, passing out sometime, and come up smiling on Monday.

“Disappear on Friday, return Monday. It’s what Jesus would have wanted…”

There we are 100 words on the resurrection of a hedonist, not sure how it works, but I gave it a go. Hope you can forgive me!


  1. Being virtually dead for three days before rising? I guess he could say it is what Jesus wanted, but my guess is that if he keeps up that pace for long, Jesus will be calling him home to discuss it…

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  2. It’s what Jesus would have wanted… with his hot cross buns and all the festival foods before sharing whisky and Redbull


  3. I’ve tried Jagermeister and Redbull in a glass but the tub of ice sounds like a quick way to unconsciousness via blackout. Ah, the good old days! Have fun on your vaca!


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