The Abyss, from where I’m sat.

 I drive around and look at things; thats my job at the moment. I can report on things and update stuff relevant to my findings using this docile moronic unintelligent operating System I have. I can work my hardest to try and attain God like genius, based on criteria which hasn’t been dreamt of yet, and retrospectively not dreamt of last year either. they’ve taken us for fools. The company is creaking at the seams, people are leaving in their droves and on a sunny day like todfay when we probably should be out we’re on a teams calkl which lasted about an hour longer than management probably wants it to. But no one gives a fuck, and by staying on the teams call we all realise that we are all in the great ship “Not at all Bothered” discussing what is the best type of job to fail with the minimum impact until next week when senior management speak to us calmly like Jeremy Hunt and reassure us that everything is ok, the head of the sunflower has grown too big and will soon prove too much for the plant and the stalk will snap. We probably could pull us out of the mire, but they don’t trust us, and bring the ones who pull the levers and press the knobs, ultimately they will be the ones who fall on their swords, flee the company and go and be all jolly in some other company aiming to still be profitable in a post Brexit Britain where profit is maintained by cutting costs until there’s nothing left. My life on the inside… You can jazz up the intranet as much as you want and confuse us all by moving everything and changing the colours and icons, but a turd is still a turd, and no amount of glitter will make it harder to flush.


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