6th Jan 2018

IMG_1657No trees today, but this is wood, which allegedly grows on them. And I’ve made it; it’s the reception desk for Mrs T to greet visitors, business contacts, waifs and strays. I am to make a coffee table next and with help i will get this built, sanded and waxed soon (you know who you are).

I’ve now developed an inkling for the need of a shed and of late there has been talk within the group of customising their own, adding sofas, occasional tables, kettles and the like, a JGTU will be a start, I seem to have 4 sledges, countless shelving units and a croquet set, not to mention some future rotted carpet, it hasn’t happened yet but will unless i can interest any one listening in some deep pile/shag (ooer). Coincidentally there is some underlay which will also rot if not used/sold.

Ah yes the lack of time available to do adult things, such as sucking a pencil when pondering things, in fact even just having time to ponder; i’ve been threatening to get up that willow tree and gradually dissect the thing, but is there time or do I have to go to a skate park and sit there playing candy fucking crush, waiting for the actual crash, which happens often?

My record decks were picked up by a bloke today, in the ebay ad I mentioned I would possibly give a record away with them. I saw him arrive, made a snap decision, thinking he looked ok and gave him Tomorrows Harvest by BOC (I had a spare, one for best if you like) he’d never heard of them and i’m not sure how i feel about that, maybe i’ve educated someone in a small way.

Night, I’m off to Mythos with Fry.


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