Jan 7th 2018

IMG_1663We don’t want any hangings, obvs, found this while out holly hunting, a pretty easy pursuit: there’s no red jackets, horns or hounds and any holly captured will be set free elsewhere, in this case behind the super shed. The attire is neither tweed nor jodhpurs but the coat of an Italian tramp and a plastic bag (M&S).

We got about 12, was a good hunt and remember no holly was harmed in the operation, however one may feel a little prick.

The desk was sanded and waxed in the sun and so the reception looks resplendent in multicoloured grain. All is well, the trip to the scooter park was substituted with someone else taking the scootee elsewhere…in which case, everyone was happy.

I also had a glass or two of wine which wasn’t the plan originally decided upon. IMG_1665

Mrs X, we’ll call her that as this is anonymous blog, unless of course you check the contact page and then my cover is blown, likes her desk, decorated by Mrs X junior.

IMG_1669School tomorrow and who knows what else.

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