Jan 9th 2018

fullsizeoutput_1011Again, you’ve got to love a filter, sorry about this but it is so damn dark in the mornings at the moment, it’s not even that misty mystical weather, theres no streaky sun blades cutting through the trees, no vibrant wet glossy greens. The wood anemones are a long way off, the bluebells further so.

Just content with fine conversation and discussions, the dubious fact of the day featurette hasn’t died a death but nothing dubious enough came to light today. Sometimes this happens through no fault of our own, it’s merely a slow day.

On an incredibly exciting note however, i am having a wonderful wall full of shelves being constructed to house my vinyl,  Hi-Fi bits and bobs and also my CDs which are waiting in a couple of large boxes at my folks house. They are “allegedly” definitely taking up valuable space in an upstairs room of an outbuilding, the steps of which no longer lend themselves easily ascended to elderly folk. Indeed I could be keeping contraband up there and they’d never bloody know! The perfect hideout for their well grown up child’s clutter which no longer fits at home, i’m not going to say surplus to requirements because it’s not, who knows, i’ve got a box of tapes up there too!

I wonder what excitement tomorrow will bring?

Hello to any new readers, i’ll be trying to get a handle on how I can reach more people soon, but don’t hold your breath. If you like it tell your friends!

Please don’t use my name, although i expect its in the contacts!



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