8th Jan 2018

fullsizeoutput_1010Ok ok, I’ve used a filter, but in my defence there was a rather thick frost on the ground this morning when I went out. It was shaping out to be a pretty nasty cold one and during my day to day activities it was confirmed to me that it was extremely chilly as my extremities suffered.

One noteworthy incident is the creation of a new featurette, it happened on the dog walk, and may or may not become a regular occurrence, depending on the appetite for it.

Anyway, thus is born, “Dubious Fact of the Day” an inspired name by any sense of the imagination and all thanks to our little gang of 4. Before anyone gets any ideas this featurette has nothing at all to do with that shag-sack of the laziest Dj unfortunately still working in radio; Wright and his damn factoids.

So without further ado, the dubious fact of the day is:

A Strigle was an instrument the Romans used to scrape off the oil from their bodies after having had a bath.

I have no idea if this is a fact, I have no clue if the word even exists and so with this I give you all; Dubious fact of the day! I’m pretty sure, given our little group, that there will be no shortage of input for this item!

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