Jan 18th 2018

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Worked out to do something a bit snazzy today as you can see from above.

It was really windy last night, so much so that after watching the Chelsea V Norwich go into extra time and then penalties I was very tired and slept until the dawn broke, around 7am these days;

“Its getting lighter now”, said someone resembling my Dad in a flurry of age appropriate bluster.

How funny it is when we suddenly realise we too are becoming more like them, more like a god, which isn’t such a bad thing when your stood waiting for the kettle to boil whilst the light penetrates the darkness of the cutting east from our house. In fact when I am stood by the window in my boxers looking up the road I often wonder if the drivers of the cars coming towards see me in that way too?

New ailment now, my back is rather sore from sitting on a kitchen chair when i’m working and so am in dire need of an office chair, which is of course on the long list of things I have to get, including the speedboat, Landrover, Aquarius 7″…… It doesn’t get any smaller.

So the gale last night bought down a number of branches and trees and blew a ball into my path just as I set off after putting my son on the school bus. This ball is the ball you see in the photo and came all the way round our circular walk, to be left just at the woods entrance to see where it may go in the days following.

I took my boy to the Hospital today for his penultimate check up before they discharge him (an unfortunate turn of phrase), which is great news and we don’t have to bare the hours and hours of waiting which we have been subjected to over the last 9 years. Also I found a car park about 50m further than the usual one which costs about a 1/4 of the price! Is it better late than never, is it?

IMG_1703Here is a massive plastic owl’s head, the head of an owl no less. Florence Nighting-Owl, its given name, and that is all I have to say about that.

In other news my little Bro spent a very long time in his lorry on the motorway and very nearly exploded causing a large bang and many injuries to him and to others. Were it not for his quick thinking and the wonderful fire folk, well, we could have a different more terrible end to the day.

So for no particular reason aside from the tenuous lorry link.

Good Night

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