Jan 19th 2018

The tragedy of it all for me, is that I’m taking longer to heal.

We all hurtle downhill towards the goal: very old. But sometimes it feels one is going faster than normal and would love there to be an uphill bend that one could stop on top a while and gaze wistfully at the view. Before then razzing down as fast as a bobsleigh towards a big marshmallow at the bottom where you stop, become absorbed and spend ages (length of time unspecified) trying to free yourself.

Anyway my back still hurts as does Mrs T’s and tonight we have both realised there are no chairs in the house which are comfy for us to sit in or on. This is a revelation, we will have to sell all the seating and buy all new seating; suitable for ourselves. The sofa is way too deep, the dining room chairs are way too hard and we have but one office chair between us. I feel very comfortable in my car chair but find it an ordeal to get out, what the fuck is happening to me? I hope that this year will be the year of my hips getting back to normal but I expect this year to be the year of the chair and it’s taunting of me.

Yesterday i used a slideshow, no one gave a shit so tonight there will be no photos.

None at all,

Despite the record shelves having been painted and i know they look really ace and you have no idea until… well later, maybe tomorrow

A belting tune






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