Jan 24th, 2018

Christ in a boat! Just before going out to wait for the school bus the rain started to shower down like meteors; fast and bulbous and sidewards on,  forcing C and D to encourage the kids to race up the lane while we sheltered with the defibrillator. Hattie the dog, spent this time, her lead tied to a post.

I don’t think i’ve ever started a walk in such torrents of rain, usually by about 50 m up the track the decision would be made to sack it and go home. C mentioned it was mad for me to be doing this as I had no dog, ” I have a blog, this is essential research”

By the time we’ed reached the wood we were soaked to the skin, not a dry patch on me, the jacket I chose, way too flimsy, jeans, jumper, everything aside from my socks ended up in the washer and I was forced to re-shower, I do believe most of C,D,N and M would have had 2 showers before 9am this morning!

I have been seeing snowdrops on my way into the woods for maybe over a week now so i’ll try to remember to take a picture, today my phone case was wet-leather sticky and tucked away.

Our anonymity which is taking this blog into the realms of mystery and speculation, will now be taken a further step in to the unknown as we all decided a selfie of us drenched to the skin may render us unrecognisable in the street, and then when middle aged parents nudge their kids and remark with mounting excitement “That bloke over there is on that blog; I think its N!”  To which the kids will ask which blog, and the parent will try to describe what its about and then slowly tail off when they try to explain  its not about anything in particular, and can’t really explain and then will look foolish in front of their child, which they probably always are anyway.

And so it goes on and on….

This is a regular occurrence, the child looks at the parent like they are a massive idiot and we may shrug, chuckle to ourselves believing we’ve got one over on them when in actual fact we just want to be accepted.

Or maybe not.

Mark E Smith died today aged 60, one of the last fall gigs he did from a wheelchair, he looked pretty bad then, Shane McGowan has out lived him for gods sake. I like some of the Fall stuff and i’m sure 6 music will be all over it tomorrow.

On a thrilling positive note, Elton John has agreed to stop performing live, on the other side of the coin on a bit of a downer Niel Diamond has had to stop performing due to Parkinson’s.

IMG_1728Anonymous 4!

Plus foam was seen oozing from the trees which could have been investigated further had we test tubes to collect samples, this then led the conversation in directions which were not altogether unexpected, given the participants but none the less surprising! The foam, we speculated, could be something to do with pollutants in the rain, and maybe it could not, we, the now completely anonymous 4, will probably never know.


And finally….

Like a giant otter giving birth to twins at Twycross Zoo, which warrants the last couple of minutes coverage on the 10 o clock news, The Tangy Toms shop has reopened after only a week or so undergoing refurbishment, its fancy now but hasn’t forgotten its roots:

The Brunch of Champions

Its a corn snack NOT a crisp.

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