Jan 26th, 2018

IMG_1731Snowdrops are falling on my head, wrong lyrics, correct tune. We’ve got snowdrops and crocuses/ croci peeping up from the ground, intact its been over a week now but due to technical and mental issues I haven’t posted photographic evidence until now.

This morning, the weather was warmer than it has been for a while, a really great day to be alive said the over cheerful man with obviously something to hide or a personality disorder. C made a joke about Camembert which had political connotations involving David Cameron and the cabinet (I can’t remember the exact wording or indeed order of them suffice to say Cameron and Camembert could well have been muddled up and him being in the cabinet was the gist of it), you can have that one if you can rearrange it all into some sort of, what I like to call, humour.

After the realisation that a semi-political joke was made, none of us knew what to say or how to follow things up, so, we remained quiet for a while and someone said something silly, laughter abounded and things were back to normal, the Cosmic balance was restored.

Interestingly as well there seems to be a bit of a battle for Dog supremacy, Hattie, the young pretender, is challenging Misty for her title of main stick carrier. This age gap is probably what is behind it all, Misty just wants to carry her own stick without having to have the bother of some youth taking it from her, we discussed how Misty prefers a more mature canine, in fact would possibly have pictures of Lassie, the littlest Hobo and possibly Schnorrbitz as her heroes on her wall.  We suspect Hattie likes Scrappy Doo due to a shortage of young Dog role models.

I wonder does anyone think and ponder what the letters on Zips stand for? I’ve got SBS on mine, my coat is waterproof and I can kill a man with my bare hands but don’t like to talk about it. Some people have ZKK, others something else.

Please write in with any zip news of your own.

Its funny, walking round the woods discussing zips was a lot funnier than it seems right now, so i’ll stop and let your own imaginations run wild.


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