Jan 29th 2018

fullsizeoutput_102cCheck out this little fella, i found him scrabbling about in the mud and i think he may be some sort of magic chap, he’s got a nice little hairpiece.

fullsizeoutput_102bIt was warmer today, dry too and in honour of our friend C we decided an impromptu rendition of happy birthday was called for, considering we had never sung this tune together before i think it went very well and after the event C said never had a birthday song been sung so well. That was a good thing to hear, maybe we may do it every year.

Another more disturbing and pretty grim development is the discovery over the weekend of disparaging graffiti against our glorious leader, if he reads this, which i doubt, he will i’m sure be made aware by someone. Somebody clearly has an axe to grind, somebody is bitter beyond reasoning. Its village politics innit? One the way out from the woods we spotted this.


The finger indicates the subject, and it’s not Worcestershire County Council, its much smaller than that, really tiny in fact; Shrawley Parish Council. Somebody is clearly upset but I can’t see how bribing the head of the Parish council could change anything, that is a job for a retired person who likes to have an eye on what goes on and this person is venting their spleen by taking a marker pen out with them when they walk their or someone else’s dog. This is pretty tame by all accounts, the C word has been used up New Inn Lane on a kissing gate. So we will watch this, it’s not the first time that a marker pen has been used to bad mouth the king of the village. N said the police are involved, this could be a dubious fact of the day, i’ll leave that up to you.fullsizeoutput_102aNear Ludlow, where I was working today, the enthusiastic retired geographers who engaged me in conversation, prior to my getting on with my work gave me a cup of tea and 4 biscuits; 2 chocolate, 2 Nice. It made my morning.


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