Jan 30th 2018.

We had a late comer on the walk today, M was having a mattress delivered and thus was not present when N swept past the pick up point. About a 1/4 of the way through and a phone call, the prodigal son returns, and would emerge through the slightly frost touched gloom to render vows with us half way through. No amount of coaxing of the dogs could get them to attack, they recognise the gait and attire a long way off!

C had a talk at work with the boss to try and iron out the future; it seems all companies are full of shit when it comes to cutting costs, they don’t seem to think beyond the first or second fence. And the American president, the most powerful man in the world, doesn’t believe in global warming. God help us all and the children.

On a cheery note, I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of ads which i have put in the cd shelves in the audio unit, pictures to follow. And i have painted many many times the drawers, they can go in tomorrow. Then the massive sell off, the organisation and, of course, the alphabetising.

IMG_1748M is just about visible in the distance, he remains to this day, an enigma.

And another thing, why the hell do i end up doing my daughters cookery homework in preparation for her class making Cornish pasties, i must have mug written all over my bloody face.

Disaster too, Britannia has finished, and as usual, they’ve set it up for another series, forcing us to wait however many months. Mrs T and I watched Breaking Bad; borrowed a friends DVD’s and binged watched it around 3 years ago at exactly this time of year.  Every time one series finished, I would be begging our friend for the next DVD at the school bus stop that very next morning wanting it as much as the crystal meth Walter White was cooking up in his various labs. Theres a chance now however, the Game of Thrones could be on the cards after acquainting ourselves with druids and the associated  features, maybe goblins and wizards might be a bit too Potter. Will see.

Enough, I’m bushed and quite frankly didn’t really fancy this tonight, but to my adoring fans: This is for you.

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