1st Feb 2018

Pinch, Punch, etc.

I’ve done a month and around 7000 words of which I am immensely proud, I have a very small readership and nothing to sell. I advertise nothing and do not want anybody’s credit card details.

I want to improve my writing style and find a different perspective in my daily photographs, if any of you enjoy this, then thats an added bonus for me. And I hope the music floats a few boats also.

The Misty and Hattie stick tugging game continues;  up until a few weeks ago Hattie had no idea how to play this and it was purely the solitary pursuit of Misty, in joyful solitude Misty would run at us from behind carrying unfeasibly large sticks, taking out our ankles lest we watch out. Now, alas for Misty, Hattie has gradually taken over and seems to take great mischief in hassling Misty, and so Misty seems to have turned to a game she is really very good at: Digging for mouse!


For the first time in a while, possibly this year, we saw a Red man in the distance, a stranger in the woods. Quite possibly the hours we keep are unsociable for other walkers which suits us just fine, we wouldn’t know what to talk about of how to act! We have had the occasional visitor, but things aren’t just the same, they’re just not! As we walked into the wood today, the light spreading across the skies and the sun raising its head above the floor’s horizon amongst the trees, shooting bright shafts towards us. The woods felt warm and sheltered, friendly. Some birds are chirruping now, spring is on its way, I think we are in the last short month of winter and ahead lies warmth, a loosening of the collars, no jackets, snoods, hats and possibly wellies. The wood seems to retain a nightly warmth which slowly dissipates as the sun rises and the day commences, in fact by the time I got into work it was Fucking Freezing! How strange the night, with its cool blue moon, seems to maintain a stillness and a warmth.

Speaking of jackets, N was sporting a rather fetching leather flying jacket, received when 21 years old, still retains nicotine stains and match burns on and around the cuffs. It was too hot for this jacket today.

Today we chatted about the strange perplexing differences in the cost of paints, must be to do with the products contained within, the more expensive may be made from the ground bones of children, we speculated, maybe wrongly. Atmospheric pressure was discussed, why i have no idea, but it seems now i have a barometer app on my phone, so watch this space for an exciting new feature, “What’s the Pressure?” “Release the Pressure” “Pressure Watch”. I think the working title probably needs work, but you can be sure if there is a title to be found, it will be! Chat seamlessly and logically moved onto the merits of a continental breakfast; of how we all liked some fruit and yogurt, most of us liked croissants (one of us savoury ones), all with any sort of jam really, possibly not marmalade which wasn’t mentioned as far as I can remember. Marmalade goes on toast, nothing else.


After breakfast comes mid morning and the snacks, crisps vs corn based snacks. A good friend puts dry roasted nuts into a bag of plain hula hoops, which, after having considered on and off all day, seems to me a very pleasing way to enjoy the slightly dull hula hoop. I will try this weekend. There’s no winners with the crisps over the corn based snacks and predictably enough the Twiglet divided opinion.

Favourite nuts: C likes pistachios, N likes the cashew, D likes chilli peanuts, M I don’t think had an opinion, but please write in M to let me know and apologies if I have forgotten, there is so much to remember on a daily basis.


On a really nostalgic trip, I managed to fire up a Derrick May/ Carl Cox at Amnesia rave tape this afternoon. Took me back to Ruff Woods in the early 90’s! Great times.

“Can you shut those fooking exits, yer letting the sound out!”


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