Jan 31st 2018

Again, no M today, his absence has been noted and has been found to be unauthorised, unless he returns with a pretty damn good reason they may well be fines. Eh parents? You know what i’m talking about.

Unfortunately for us an outline of the whereabouts of M were provided by N; apparently M is in Silverstone. We don’t know why and i expect we won’t find out either tomorrow, this sort of behaviour has earned the nickname Mysterious M.

He has a theme tune you know (sung to the tune of Mr P. Andre’s tune mysterious girl) A few slight alterations made by us as it’s a song we and no one else must sing to M and our friendships are all strictly plutonic.

This is it:

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Mysterious M, I don’t want to make love to you.”

At that point we stopped as we were all pretty much pissing ourselves and couldn’t continue.

We also discussed the differing creatures who live in different types of body hair, as N had to borrow D’s hat and as N’s head is like an ice rink for the Nits (gnits?) there would be no issue with the Nit transfer. But do they live in arm pit hair, pubic, chest, back, beards? We decided in a reappearance of “Dubious Fact of the Day” that different parasites live in different types and locations of hair.

Who lives in a millipede’s armpit hair? That is for people with far more time on their hands that us, we as a group are simply putting it out there.fullsizeoutput_1033I saw  a lorry today, where the lorry drivers have their names up at the top of the screen; “Wicked Willie” can anyone remember that cartoon from the 80’s or 90’s? Slightly cheeky and marking that chap out to be a cock himself, it’s my opinion and its stayed with me for most of the day, can’t remember useful stuff regrettably.

Another “Dubious Fact of the Day” the author of which is C, mentioned Ann Summers Shops having Fishermans Friends at the counters. Again I’m not here to judge, its just out there now.

A super duper blue red moon was looming over us today, i saw no blue but it was very bright and beautiful, I think I saw some creatures of many different sizes.


Now I’m just messing with your minds readers.

One comment

  1. strictly plutonic. then followed by a pic of a fine looking stiff bark and green one .. ans missing the Knitts seemed like an auspicious departure decision!


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