Feb 2nd 2018.

You’ve had music, now FUCKING CONCENTRATE, i’ve got important developments:

Yesterday either I forgot or we weren’t told but M’s favourite nut was revealed to us today, pretty much the first thing we spoke about. His reply? “A Brazil Nut; closely cropped.” So there you go fact fans, do not say I don’t tie up important loose ends. The sun was out again today, but the wind whistled through the woods and due to a wardrobe error M came unprepared, one might say misclothed. A hat was borrowed from N, giving him the look of a  Gandalf type, all be it with a patterned knitted sweater.

fullsizeoutput_103aAnd, it has to be noted, very vivid trousers. Reaching the Wellington, the Tall trees, we had another photoshoot, a-la question of sport, when they do the film of the celebrity but they hide behind bushes and put their heads in ovens so we have to guess who they are. We did the same and i’m considering a new feature, either “Wheres M?”, “Who the Hell is That?” or ” M, Naked and Afraid”. The jury is out right now but it may become a future feature. They say never work with children or animals as Professional “Hide and Seeker” M’s cover is blown, in the photo.


On the penultimate leg of the walk, when we stroll down the side of the wood adjacent to the field, N remarked how we hadn’t seen a Muntjac yet this year (this being the usual place to see them) And before N had finished speaking a white tail bobbing appeared just where they usually are! This came as a considerable surprise to us all, but especially to our resident supernatural expert and consultant, N. It was decided we should form a syndicate and buy a lottery ticket between us as this was considered considerably good fortune, and if any time was ripe to scoop the lottery booty then today was the day.

Choosing the numbers: We had one each; a favourite or significant number and N took what shall be known as “The Number of the Deer” which is 32. That left us with 2 left over. We discussed maybe the dogs should be able to choose, but then the idea was pooh poohed due to the lack of English or indeed any recognisable or translatable language spoken. Including the dogs there was 6 of us, so we have 6 too. Then the last number, linking us inextricably until someone has a birthday, is the average age of us all. Happily 3 of us fit under that age.


Who knew it had eyes and a smile?

I spent my day checking if public rural phone boxes are as they seem anymore. The answer is no, no they are not. Many are tourist and local info points and some have defibrillators instead of a phone. As an aside, would you believe the neighbouring village to ours had theirs stolen a few weeks ago? Christ on a bike.

Now i think some groovy tune to get your Friday going, you freaks unless of course you are, like me, winding down for a good nights sleep! Tell your stalking friends to follow me.


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