4th Feb 2018


If like most people today you can’t give more than 30 seconds to a video or you can not read more than 100 words before checking your phone and finding that absolutely nothing has happened in your life, or your friends life or anyone else life, then you should probably fuck off now. This video cropped up on my feed and is 5 minutes which made me balk. However, I watched it and whilst it’s not the greatest thing in the world….


….it’s still ok, and the world is definitely a better place for its existance.

The ring road around the park, next to the cricket club has had roads closed, there’s cones all over the place and if you’d have driven there at 2 or 3 on a Saturday afternoon then you’d know what i’m on about, it’s the same thing as when you’ll get to my age you’ll understand. You have to be able to experience something otherwise you are really nothing and have no idea.

Anyway my good friend Bagsy (i’m naming him because it’s my blog, my rules, and I don’t think he’d mind anyway) came to visit, and I suggested going up the Worcester Cathedral tower, followed by a swift half. Its long way up, and really tiring, Bagsy with his fagsy really suffered (I don’t think he’d mind me saying so, but everyone loves a Rothmans. Used to be the cigarette of the pilot. Pilots are dull these days. This is like the number of the deer; if you read this blog it may make sense to you if not, maybe it won’t, either way anything I say ere is not going to change the world, not just yet. You’ll see things will change and the “ministry” will become the go-to organisation. We might be as big as Bitcoin).

A pub, making and selling g its own beer on site, a lady buying 1/3 pints which i wasn’t aware was a thing officially. I mistook my friend for someone else and discussed biscuits with a complete stranger; Garibaldis are definitely not what they were years ago when our folks thought them exotic.

We picked up a pork pie, a Wyre Fire, and took him to the Fox. Before we even asked for a drink, the barmaid asked us for information regarding television operation. We could offer no help and so 2 pints of Butty Bach happened, the second time were 40p cheaper. I’d take you all but you’re in India, NZ, USA including Alaska, Kenya and Germany which is a fair spread, please come along and lets go.

Now I am tired, I apologise, but its Sunday night and I’ve drunk red wine. The weekends are always difficult.

I did have a wonderful walk with my family today, plus a walk with my team, plus an hour and a half with my son playing footy. As a result i am bushed.

Goodnight you mentalists.



  1. dear cheif mentalist if you had asked major clager – he would have you banksy his flying machine .. maybe? and made the trip up the Cathedral tower just that bit more easy.

    like the vid

    happy bl;owing


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