Feb 5th 2018

As is normal for a person of my age I forgot to include several things, one of them is a great story I heard, but need to ask permission before I repeat it on an incredibly popular and busy blog!

Secondly from Worcester Cathedral roof;  62m or a little over 200feet up, and affording views all the way to Shrawley, even beyond, where there be dragons. I think smoking before  entertaining the 240 odd steps is best avoided, as Bagsy contested to, he very nearly died, i would have nicked his sweater though, cobalt blue or some such, it was really very nice.


If you can remember a bauhaus album with similar steps then I salute you


And if the glass cracks then we are all doomed and the scaffolding will forever envelop Worcester Cathedral, which would be a shame.


The spring was really out today, the birds woke me up as an accompaniment to Shiela Foggarty on 5 live, must have been listening to the cricket sometime over the weekend. The sun streamed through the trees and in the higher points, up near the tall trees, showered its golden sunbeams onto the silver birches still in their winter attire; naked and afraid. But as the suns strength returns so I suspect will the fair weather walkers, even at this time of the day.

Today we had a friend and her dog join us, the dog is George and loves to wallow in the puddles exactly like a hippo, couldn’t get a photo, i wasn’t concentrating hard enough. Upon closer inspection of the anti Tesh graffiti, we hypothesised, the Shrawley Banksy would have been on his or indeed her way out of the wood, heading towards the slightly more upmarket end of the village with the correct dialling code. Both were written on surfaces facing you as you walk, which seems like a logical way to do this sort of mindless petit vandalism. And unanimously we believe this to be in the hand of an adult; really pathetic. fullsizeoutput_1040Think i’m coming down with something, but i’ll soldier on. Does anyone have a successful cure for a really badly blocked nose? The only way I seem to shift it is by being outside.

A fun thing today was Mrs T’s tyre which went down and wouldn’t go up. She had to wait in a well known tyre fixing place, others are available. I received a call , asking me to lunch. So i packed up my work stuff, finished what I was doing and managed to get back in time for a bowl of soup and a pint, neither of which I could taste because of my nose. Both however were great colours.

This should tickle your squidgy bits




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