Feb 6th 2018

Hello folks,

We may have to deviate and or change the route

We may have to alter our speed accordingly upon seeing other walkers depending on the nature and temperament of the dog (some owners too)

We may have to change the subject of our conversation to fit in/ appear normal/ sane, if it comes to actually chatting to new folk.

These are all issues we potentially will face with the onset of springtime.

As predicted the warm weather has bought out the fair weather part timers, we find this slightly irritating, no in fact, very irritating that other people who apparently can’t stand the cold, dark and wet of the winter suddenly think it fine to stroll around (lets face it) our woods.So we have come up with a solution and will be enforcing this accordingly.

Signage will read thus

“These woods are closed to walkers between the hours of 8am and 9am, Monday to Friday. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in anonymous, childish graffiti being posted on wooden footpath posts, wooden gates and other dry suitable publicly visible surfaces”

You have been warned. fullsizeoutput_1041In a break from tradition today we decided to add on a small loop to the walk, turning right at the tall trees towards the even taller trees on the highest mound in the woods. It is these trees that can be seen from miles around and signify the homestead and familiarity. N was in a frisky mood this morning suggesting we walk the walk clockwise instead of the usual; counterclockwise, in other words going back in time, we 4 time travellers. But this suggestion, and it is made from time to time, is pretty much always pooh poohed and hence the extra loop half way round. Around a year ago, possibly more, we saw a large deer in the loop it wasn’t there today. But on Sunday my children reported 2 encounters with deer folk.

We were walking to the pub, Mrs T and I walking the usual well trodden muddy tracks and the kids went off road, disturbing a family of 3 deer, white tails about 5 or 10 metres from them who leapt off in front of them. (I’m jealous, as I have not seen this type of deer action in all the 12 years I have been walking in the woods). Then as if to add insult to injury a muntjac sprung up in front of them, near the holly bushes where N saw one last Friday prompting the splurge between us on a Lottery ticket that very day for Saturdays draw. We didn’t win, I may have already touched on that

Today in the coffee aftermath unanimously we decided American glam rocks of the late 80’s and early 90’s were utterly terrible, and that we would all like to have a cuddle with Natalie Imbruglia.

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