Feb 7th 2018

Well today I have had a sick day, woke up at 4am with a really solidly stuffed up nose, it was like someone had stuffed a load of cement up during the night, as i’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I went too bed. So I blew and blew and my eyes nearly popped out, many capillaries, i’m sure, ruptured and then in a completely opposite twist, my nose started to stream fluid, and I began to sneeze and sneeze and some! It was then I noticed the nasal hallucination which I think i’ve been conscious of for a while; its as if I can smell bleach, or at least the idea of it. I don’t think it is there, i’ll ask around.

There was no chance of sleep, so I made some tea and some Lemsip and sat in the spare room wiping my progressively sorer and sorer conk as it dribbled waste products, (I said conk, nose).

Thats why i’ve had a sick day, couldn’t face going out side which was a shame as the sky was super blue this morning, with very few clouds to speak of. As far as useful stuff i’ve done or been party to goes:

A) Watched 7 episodes of a discovery channel documentary about Everest, the second one. I’m having to save the last until tomorrow so his lordship can watch it with me.

B) Listened to Australia beat England in a 20:20, and witnessed a stupendous England collapse more akin to the test side.

C) Helped my boy make his customary Wednesday night FITB, which usually ends up with me taking over when hot pans and fire are used. (we’ve got a gas stove, i’m not a savage)

D) Sold a few useless things on e-bay and re-listed a few.

E) Completed 2 crosswords fully in a crossword book, and nearly finished the one in the “I”.

Tomorrow i’ll be back on it, and raring to go. But have been waiting about a week for some printer cartridges to arrive from a company my work specifies as being  super efficient. It’s most definitely not.

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