Feb 8th 2018

A battle between illness and wellness was decided by a battle; paracetamol against Lemsip (lemon cordial and paracetamol) Needless to say the solution is to form a pact, an agreement. neither are any good without the other, essentially just add lemon to paracetamol like a tequila slammer, except with medicine, same harshness probably.

Several folk, were sporting gloves and scarves today, yesterday there were reports of such things, however I can not confirm nor deny such actions due to my absence. I think the weather in Feb is possibly getting to us, M is poorly today, but bravely out with us, holding the flag, for all of us. I expect he’ll be out tomorrow too, unlike you fuckers he’s nails!!!

Heres a dubious fact of the day, don’t question it, don’t deny it…

N has never been physically sick.

well, this was discussed and discussed and be agreed to dissagree, but the question arose as to wether you would, sorry, if one would, go to the loo in other peoples houses. The original idea of being really sick in someone elses bathroom arose, and would you confess or just run like hell, a dirty protest gracing the new coloured waterfall taps and infinity bath behind? All of us agreed, save M who was struggling to walk let alone express an opinion on such things, that we could no perform such an act at a strangers house.

But when the mole is at the counter and you are potentially touching sock…. there is not much else you can do!

N was working at a house in Kidderminster, the chap residing was an unsavoury character for whatever reason, N was not being judgemental.  Behind the toilet was a wide mouthed bottle with a thick garden cane resting inside. As the time passed and N became more aware of the unreliability of the chap’s timekeeping, he began to ponder the reason for the cane behind the loo.

It turns out the downside of heroin is constipation.

fullsizeoutput_1044Rules, rules and instructions.

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