Feb 9th 2018

Just before I forget, and i’m sure this is not an original thought for one minute, but, when did it become acceptable to wear track suit bottoms, even worse, the whole suit, in a public situation not sport related? I spent some time in the smoke yesterday and was dismayed at how many people choose the comfortable, warm casual leisure wear for non leisure activities. Similar to wearing active wear when food shopping, you know who you are ladies. I guess it’s the blokes version, and so I have no leg to stand on; thats evolution, right?

fullsizeoutput_1045A brilliant addition to the sculpture park that this walk is becoming I think we can all agree on. This time N adds a relic from the modern age to stand next to the ancient stone; the iron age towers over the stone age , a metaphor of modernity, see how man crushes and kills the force of nature signified by the solitary oak leaf, brown and organic contrasted against the laser straight shard of man made power. Or a piece of rock and the tooth of a plough next to each other on a mossy post. Make your own choice, it doesn’t matter; nothing here does… or does it?

I’d like to say hello to my Kenyan friend, who contacted me today and without wishing to turn this into a type of messanging operation I’m around to Skype on Sunday. In the spirit of fairness and friendship, Hello to my American friends and also my NZ pals, you know who you are, for fucks sake there is very few of you to get muddled over this!

Ok today on the walk, the weather was fine, blue skies amongst the clouds, and relatively warm, I think it takes a while for the weather to warm up, once the sun rises, before it decides that it is February and really needs to get bloody cold as quickly as possible and ruin everything We had snow flurries, the really urgent ones made so by the chaotic wind swirling like a dervish. IMG_1784

See I told you, no leaves yet, but blue skies. N had a problem with a carpet yesterday which I will not bore you with the details, suffice to say the staining is proving hard to remove beyond the 4-6% stain range. A new feature has been unwittingly created by C today which I am going to call;

“Accepted and Unchallenged Fact of the Day”

because this is my blog and I can do what i want to.

Anyway, it turns out that Woollen carpet, although the most luxurious and finest quality carpet is also the hardest to clean and is brilliant at soaking up stains rendering them pretty much permanent. So there you go carpet fans, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

We saw a Muntjac in the same place today as we did yesterday; Misty still failed to see and chase, maybe next time. Is this lucky? Is this springtime? Who knows? What it has done is feed our addiction for the obsessive chasing of more and more money. More more more! Ok my name is D and I’m a gambler. We bought a lottery ticket today between the 4 of us again, may we be damned to hell.


This is for you down in Hamilton, love you and you know who you are!

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